Jewel Butt Plugs

Looking for sparking Jewel Butt Plugs? Want a perfect anal training set? Look no further!

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These jewel plugs (or princess plugs) are perfect for any princess who needs her ass stuffed with a plug! They have a beautiful shiny gem on the end so that the wearer feels beautiful.

We have stainless steel and silicone plugs, so whatever you’re after, you’ll be satisfied with us.

Perfect for princess play, or just for regular wear. Many people find that these are good introduction to butt plugs, as they are easy to wear, discrete, and super-stylish.

Most butt plugs have a broad base to stop the toy collapsing the anus.

It’s very important to NEVER insert a butt plug that doesn’t have a flared or tapered base.

Soft, flexible and little– butt plugs are perfect for those who are desperate to try anal stimulation.

Butt plugs are becoming very popular; these days there’s an extremely wide selection, so we’ve tried to make it easy for you by choosing just the very best.

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