Pink Heart Flogger

Pink Heart Flogger

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One of our best customers wrote this story about this cute flogger. Get yours today!

“Please, no!” I screamed while my sister started to dress me like a girl.

“I don´t care how much you scream or how much you struggle! You were the one who started to put on MY dresses and stockings! Now be the good sissy you are and put on that dress!”

I couldn´t do anything so i put on the dress my sister gave me. I never knew she had latex dresses and overknee socks.

“Now come here and bend over!”

She puts a giant butt plug in my ass. I started to struggle but she managed to put the whole thing in my ass!

Not even a second after she plants the plug in my ass she puts a strange belt around me.

I asked “what is this thing?”

She answered “Just a little toy so you can´t get the plug out yourself”

“Lay on the bed!” I did so.

The only thing i heard was a loud smack!

“OUGH” I screamed, with tears in my eyes.

“That, my little sissy, is my pink Flogger. When I´m done with you you will have red sweet hearts all over your body and tomorrow everyone will see it, my little girl.”

Every time she hit me with the flogger I started to hate it more and more.

She continued to hit me with the flogger for almost 4 days and every time on the same spots.

The hearts of the flogger probably lasted for about one month and every time I went out of the house everyone looked at me and started laughing. It was so embarrassing.

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